The Evangelical Church Mbabane Preschool is grounded on Christian values and therefore assures you that we will instill Godly values and norms as part of character formation while not compromising the academic excellence. We pride ourselves for being the leader in Christian education based programme in Mbabane. We are certainly happy that we could enter into a working relationship with you aimed at empowering your child lifelong education and help lay a firm foundation that will bring about transforming.


The preschool department is kindly informing our clients which is Mbabane community and the surrounding areas that the admission process for 2024 has started.

  • Collection of application forms – 2nd to 31st of October 2023.
  • Deadline for submission of application forms – 31st of October to the 30th of November 2023.
  • Deadline for deposit payment for 2024 intake – 29th of December 2023.


  • Application Fee – E50.00
  • Attachments of the form:
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Vaccination card/clinic
    3. Proof of residence
    4. 2 passport size photos

Vision & Values

  1. Development of biblical values in the life of the child is our virtue and strength.
  2. Provision of Biblical based lessons in the timetable for 30 minutes as part of instilling Godly values and norms in the life of the child.
  3. Moral teaching based on Scriptures that is modeled by the teachers as part of formation and development.
  4. Development of a Christian lifestyle that is evident by good behavior as part of helping lay a firm foundation for life long learning.
  5. Availing a secure environment aimed at effective learning and striving for academic excellence.

School Holidays

Our pre-school follows and observes the Swaziland Government school holiday calendar and in addition we have mid term breaks whose dates are communicated to parents at the beginning of each term, so parents are to plan for such holidays.

Time Management in our Pre-School

Accordingly, our pre-school starts at between 07:30 and 08:00 we welcome the children to the classes. After which, children can be picked up from school from 12:30 to 14:00. There is however a penalty charge of E10:00 for failing to collect your child at these allocated time to the parent concerned.


  • Interested parents are requested to collect an application form at the beginning of the year from the school.
  • We do provide meals for the children twice a day, breakfast and lunch.
  • We also cater for special diets for the children.


All school payments should be made at Swaziland Building Society (any branch) into Collection Account No. 51001412934 for which a computer slip will be issued. This receipt should then be forwarded to the pre-school office who will issue a school receipt. Proof of payment is the Bank Receipt brought to the school office.

NB: If your deposit receipt is not presented to the school; we will assume that you have not paid the fees, so make sure you bring the receipt.

Primary Payment details

Mbabane Evangelical Pre School
Bank: Swaziland Building Society
Type of Account: Collection
Account Number: 51001412934